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About Us

BLANC DE NOIR was founded in 2014. We are two partners in business and crime: Gonzalo Cardenas, creative director, a Canadian of Peruvian origins. John Salib, business director, an Australian of Egyptian background. Due to our time zones and diverse cultural backgrounds, BLANC DE NOIR grew wings instead of roots from its very beginning. Many are the stops between our hometowns of Toronto and Melbourne, so in 2016, we decided to become global nomads and started working from different cities. In doing so, we found the style of each location influencing our collections and sparking creative collaborations all over.

As global nomads we work anywhere and everywhere. We have also been forced to become light travelers, often fitting our entire life in one bag. So expect our pieces to place functionality at the top with style, and to always blur the line between work and leisure.

Join our journey! We’re all made to go places.

Post-Luxury for a Brave New World.

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