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Nothing comes from nothing. The core of creativity is taking the ingredients of history, shaking them up, recombining, recontextualizing, reconstructing. Ideas are cumulative. Without all the ideas before us, we cannot imagineer the future.

There is nothing new under the sun, except the innovations we build on other innovations. Invention leads to invention.

The fascinating history of fashion shows the cyclical, meandering, merging nature of ideas. Remixing fabrics, textures, motifs, aesthetics, cultures, and inspirations with the customs of the time has meant a rich and varied sartorial evolution. We have seen the suitable, the absurd, the mundane, the pragmatic, and the beautiful.

The contemporary movement redefining gender norms is inevitably leading to responses in art and design, two disciplines always quick to reflect and react to the demands of time.

The genderless quality of space in architecture is a constant source of inspiration for BLANC DE NOIR. In such spaces a sense of self can evolve from the person, instead of coming from the culture or the environment.

In B/N x LIMA, Brutalist concrete structures found in the outskirts of the city are reimagined in leather. And a collaboration with Israeli designer Kobi Golan takes colonial tiles found in churches and embroiders them on a modern version of the Peruvian poncho. If architecture can be genderless, so can fashion be.

B/N x LIMA will be available in stores and online this October. For early access to the collection sign up to our newsletter.

Fashion by Raf Simons inspired by artwork by Sterling Ruby.

Limestone archways in Jerusalem, then and now.

Church tile patterns inspire BLANC DE NOIR unisex poncho.

Gonzalo Cardenas is the creative director of BLANC DE NOIR. He can be reached at