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Our name, BLANC DE NOIR, literally means white from black in French. It is a term used to denominate wines which are white in colour but come from red grapes. When grapes are pressed, the juice is white, no matter what variety of grape is used. But if the juice is left in contact with red grape skins, pigments leach out of the skins giving red wine its distinct colour.

For us, BLANC DE NOIR means finding the essence of form that results from pressing the grapes of gender and culture. Much like the skin of the wine grape, the “pigments” of gender and culture imbue material and form with ornament, pattern, and colour as they come in contact with people, places and cultures.

The extraction of these pigments result in unexpected minimal shapes that cross gender and cultural boundaries. Similarly, the effect of reapplying some of the isolated pigments back onto the minimal is fresh, contemporary, and shines a light on our differences and what makes us unique.

BLANC DE NOIR underwent a period of radical change. Internal changes happened in our team, our branding, our production and overall dream. A fashion brand takes time to build. But the name BLANC DE NOIR also alludes to the creative process and seeing light after darkness. Like the chiselling of the stone that reveals the sculptural form hidden below, we are moving from the tangible world of the present into the extraordinary world of possibility.

Each of our collections is a journey into a new city, a commitment to experiment and change that demands high adaptation. The influence of the people and the street style of the places we visit transform not only our products, but bring about inner and outer transformations in both life and business. Like most fashion businesses, this one isn’t just about business, it is also a dream. And for us dreams are hard to ignore.

Shapes are taking shape again. Our next collection inspired by the city of Lima has shifted from paper to the skilled hands of our makers, and will be released in October. We look forward to showing you our work and invite you to join us on our next journey. We’re made to go places. Let’s go together.

Gonzalo Cardenas is the creative director of BLANC DE NOIR. He can be reached at