Football is among the best sports globally, with players from all over. Consequently, there are many leagues for different regions in the world. Due to the presence of many leagues, it can be hard to know the best football leagues are, and below is a list of four best football leagues across the world.

English Premier League

The English Premier League (EPL) is most loved among all the football leagues in England and has most of the widely known football clubs such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester Clubs, among other big clubs across England. The league has always taken place between August and May.

Serie A

Serie A league is an Italian football that comprises of the best football teams from Italy. Among the best teams in this league are Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan, among others. The footballers in these teams are among the best globally. The league runs simultaneously with other leagues such as the EPL starting between September and May.

La Liga

La Liga is the top football league in Spanish and is also known as the Primera Division in Spain. The league was started late in the 1920s. The league is widely common because of two main teams that have dominated the league and other tournaments in the European world. These are Barcelona and Real Madrid. The league runs the same period as Serie A and EPL.


Bundesliga is the primary league in Germany, which has ever been led by FC Bayern Munich throughout history, who has won the league six times. The league runs between August and May, which is like other leagues.

Almost every country in the world has its own league(s), thus there are many other leagues full of entertainment. The list has just captured the top four recognized and full of fans all over the world.