How to prepare yourself for the Euro Cup 2020:

Other than the Olympics, one of the most anticipated sports events for 2020 is definitely going to be UEFA Euro Cup 2020. It will be held in 12 different European host cities, the tournament will start on June 12th and end on July 12th.

There will be 55 teams fighting for a spot and out of these teams, only 24 will be qualified. The top 6 favourites are France, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Belgium, and Italy

Definitely keep an eye on Portugal, as they are the defending champion, having won the 2016 edition.

It is definitely going to be a month of partying, snacking and lots of late-nights. Make sure you are aware of the following things to get ready before the big matches.

5 Things to prepare for the Euro Cup:

1. Mark the dates on your planner

2. Check the television schedules for the live telecasts or setup your DVR

3. Read up on the history of Euro Cup and the past Championship

4. Show your support for your team by getting the jersey

5. Stock up on beverages and snacks

You are now ready to have a great time this coming June. You should put aside a small sum of money for betting as it will make it even more exciting to watch the live matches.

Since there is still a few months before the kick-off, if you want to get yourself into the Euro cup mood, you can start watching the qualifying play-offs. These will be played on 26 March 2020 for the semi-finals and 31 March 2020 for the finals. Do mark down the dates on your calendar.

Get your beers and snacks ready for a wonderful and exciting month of fantastic football matches. Don’t miss it or you will have to wait for another 4 years for the next Euro Cup.