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Fashion for Good is a global initiative with an ambitious vision, to make all fashion good. Good for the economy, good for the environment and good for the lives of the people who use and make fashion. Fashion for Good takes the form of a startup accelerator, an industry guide which applies the Cradle to Cradle philosophy and methodology to fashion, and an exhibition.

The exhibition sets out to create awareness of the issues the fashion industry faces today. A vibrantly curated space informs and inspires visitors to become part of a larger movement calling all stakeholders to work towards not just better or “less bad” fashion, but a fashion that nurtures the whole ecosystem.

B/N visited the exhibition in Amsterdam and would like to share two powerful stories that humanize the fashion supply chain, and give us a glimpse into the lives of the women behind the clothes we wear.

Made in Pakistan (4 min) is a film that explores a day in the lives of Rubina and Lubna, two women who work in a garment factory. Rubina is a union organizer studying English and supporting her family, and Lubna is a single mother working to give her daughter a better life.

Made in China (2.5 min) focuses on Ming Hui, whose daily life revolves around her work in a textile factory. She talks about her dreams of someday traveling the world and having adventures.

The two films shown here are made by Remake, a group of social entrepreneurs igniting conscious consumerism. Remake takes designers and fashion students into maker communities to connect with the people who make our clothes, they also produce films like these to inform consumers and help them make better buying choices. More about their work at

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