Barca president wants Messi to reduce his salary

The Argentine superstar may not be able to keep an income of more than 40 million euros per season at Barca. According to Cuatro, President Josep Bartomeu will soon have a meeting with Messi to ask the Argentine striker and his teammates to reduce salary. They aim to help the team in the midst of an epidemic.

The fact that the fans cannot come to the cheerleading field makes Barca’s revenue decline. According to Four, Barca suffered a loss of 98 million euros because of the current situation.

Cuatro said Messi will be the player’s representative to negotiate the salary reduction process with President Josep Bartomeu. It is not known how the player’s salary decrease, but according to Cuatro’s prediction, the reduction should not exceed 10 to 20 percent.

Before that, in the shocking interview with Goal, Messi has emphasized how Barca Chairman Bartomeu’s management is “catastrophic”. The Argentine superstar also asserted that he was deceived by Mr. Bartomeu in asking to leave Barca.

Many Barca pillars have to leave teams like Ivan Rakitic or the upcoming Arturo Vidal and Luis Suarez to reduce the salary burden. At Barca at this time, Messi is the player who receives the highest salary when Barca has to pay El Pulga 70 million euros per year in pre-tax salary. Immediately after Messi is Antoine Griezmann with 43 million euros per year.

After rebelling to ask to leave, Messi accepted to stay at Barca because he did not want to bring the Camp Nou team to court, although he believed he had full legal basis to leave Barca in a free transfer. Messi had the match back when he helped Barca win Gimnastic 3-1. In this match, Messi actively gave Griezmann a penalty.

Lionel Messi was inhibited when Javier Ribelles fiercely blocked from behind. Messi called his opponent ‘idiot’.