Van de Beek traveled more than 9 km in 70 minutes

Former player Owen Hargreaves confirmed that the rookie MU has a game similar to Thomas Muller. And he needs to be given the chance to do more under coach Ole Solskjaer. Van de Beek showed determination in ballless moves when MU faced Leipzig in the Champions League group stage

The Dutch midfielder moved to Old Trafford from Ajax Amsterdam in the summer transfer period of 2020. He is a contract that has received high expectations, but has not had the opportunity to regularly play in the Solskjaer coach’s squad.

He launched 2 assists for his teammates. The newcomer MU has 3 successful dribbles and one kick. In the middle of the second half, Van de Beek received a pass from Anthony Martial in the area of ​​16.5 meters. The Dutch midfielder escaped the Leipzig midfielder’s phase, but could not finish because the ball was too out of reach.

In this match, the Dutch midfielder touched the ball 39 times and made 26 passes. The biggest mark of Van de Beek is that he constantly moves without the ball to create space. After the first half, Van de Beek moved 6.55 km, the tallest of the 22 players on the field.

The Whoscored heat chart shows Van de Beek’s all-around pitch. In the starting lineup of MU, Van de Beek played in the right striker position. However, the former Dutch midfielder repeatedly changed positions with Paul Pogba and at times played like a striker.

Van de Beek made his first start for Man Utd in a match against Leipzig in the Champions League. He played 68 minutes before leaving the field to make room for Bruno Fernandes. But experts appreciate the ability to move without the ball.

The Dutch midfielder has made eight appearances for Man Utd so far, but plays a total of 297 minutes, averaging 37 minutes per game. He has four Premier League appearances but has not been given the chance to start. Van de Beek and his teammates will enter a confrontation with Arsenal in round 7.