Sergio Ramos – who carries great heritage like Ronaldo

The day Ramos parted ways with “Los Blancos”, the Spanish Royal team should hang permanently on the No.4 shirt. The 34-year-old star has made a great contribution to the team for the past 15 years. Moreover, the former Sevilla star is not a normal defender in the world of football.

Ramos is a defender with the soul of a striker. You have good defense, excellent attack. To find a brave, tenacious and sometimes devious defender like the captain of “Los Blancos” is not easy. The Spanish star is different from the rest.

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At the end of the 2019/20 season, Ramos appeared in the top 10 scorers with 11 goals and was the only defender to appear in this list. He also became the player with the second highest number of goals in the club.

Typically, scoring goals is a familiar task of the striker. But the star of the bullfighting has the quality of a hunting dog. According to AS, the total La Liga goals of the former Sevilla star is more than Neymar or Ronaldinho.

Statistics on tackles, aerial disputes, breaking the ball become a measure of the excellence of a defender. Ramos has such qualities. But what makes Captain Real special lies in the ability to contribute to the attacking front to bring back the goal.

When the transfer window is open, if many stars are always worried about the future of the kitchen. Ramos never felt himself threatened. He is always among the angels the club is forced to keep in every way.

Sergio Ramos - tượng đài sừng sững ở Madrid - Thể thao

Ramos is the difference defender on the world football map. The influence he creates does not only come from his excellent defensive skills.

When the home team wants to find goals from fixed free kicks, it is still the familiar No. 4 shirt taking responsibility. This season, in Real’s 11-match unbeaten run after football returned to Spain, the mark of Ramos is truly clear. In addition to commanding good defenses, he – a defender with soul striker – also scored 6 important goals.