Pogba and Iniesta compete in the VL World Cup 2022 in Africa

Football fans would be very surprised to see the names of Pogba or Iniesta appearing in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Africa. Sao Tome and Principe are islands in the Gulf of Guinea on the equatorial west coast of Central Africa. This is a small country with less than 200,000 residents.

Although there is no crowded population, the love of football here is not inferior to anywhere in the world. The national team of this country only ranked 183 according to FIFA. However, they can still be proud to have Pogba and Iniesta in the squad.

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Sao Tome and Principe have been included in the list of players competing with the names of two stars of France and Spain. At the age of 26, Jokceleny Fernandes Carvalho plays as a creative midfielder at Sporting Praia Cruz. His dribbling and assisting skills led home fans to nicknamed Iniesta and he signed up to compete with this name.

And Pogba’s real name is Eduardo Assuncaoo Varela. The 19-year-old plays as a central midfielder for Porto Real. The French star made a strong impression when he came on the pitch in the last 30 minutes against Tottenham last weekend. It was Pogba who brought the 11m penalty to Bruno Fernandes to seal the tie 1-1.

In a 1-1 draw with Tottenham, Fred, Scott McTominay were Man United’s central midfield pair. In case Pogba is given the opportunity. It is possible that McTominay will have to return to the bench to make room for the French senior.

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Pogba also partnered with rookie Bruno Fernandes for the first time. The highest performing star Man United at the moment. A lot of comments are concerned about the possibility of combining the top two midfield duo.

But observing the training sessions as well as the 30 minutes against Tottenham recently can see. Coach Solskjaer will place Bruno with the highest kick in the midfield. While Fred and Pogba took over the role of midfield deep back.