Where is Euro 2020 be held

Along with the World Cup, the Euro is also one of the largest football tournaments on the planet, which is warmly welcomed by fans. However, where Euro 2020 is organized is the subject of many questions and great attention from football fans. Please join me in answering the questions through the article below.

The European football championship, also known as the UEFA Euro, was established and took place first in 1960 in France. The Russia became the first champion. This is a football tournament that is always welcomed by fans every 4 years between European soccer teams.

Dịch Covid-19 có thể khiến Euro 2020 bị hủy

Up to now, Germany, together with Spain, with 3 consecutive championships. Became the two countries that won the most championships. The upcoming European Football Championship 2020 is called Euro 2020, the 16th. Unlike the previous 15 times, the 2020 European Football Championship has a special place to host.

The special thing about Euro 2020 is that no country will host the tournament. But instead it will be held in 12 cities of 12 different European countries. This is considered a special thing that has never happened in previous seasons.

The decision of the European football federation to organize in 12 countries to allow fans across European countries to be integrated into the atmosphere of the big festivals.

UEFA rất nhanh, cập nhật số phận EURO 2020

As such, we have a good idea of ​​where the tournament will take place. It is not located in any particular country but equally divided in each country also helps reduce a part of the cost for the host country alone.

The European Football Championship 2020 is held in stadiums in 12 cities with 12 different countries. This also partly explains where Euro 2020 is organized. The fact that 12 cities host Euro 2020 is something that has never happened in Euro football history.

And there are 24 teams participating in the finals. As such, which country hosts the final, they will be playing at home twice. As such, the venue for Euro 2020 is very important. It determines the match, the mentality of the players and the audience.