Why Man United’s transfer plan is so bad

Fans may recognize that Man United should buy a star at the 2020 summer market. Even before the summer transfer market opens, the press enthusiastically advises MU to buy 3 positions. They are center-back, left-back and striker.

However, a month passed, while the majority of the Premier League team had the recruits they wanted. Then, Man United until the last transfer day still struggled to know who to buy. The media did not hesitate to give MU two words “disaster”.

Until the final transfer date, Man United had rookie Donny van de Beek. The position where Van de Beek plays in reality MU is not lacking. Even many people do not know where coach Ole Solskjaer will place Van de Beek to play regularly. If he kicks an attacking midfielder, he overlaps with Bruno Fernandes, and the central midfield position is not for Van de Beek.

The recruitment of Cavani is even worse. This striker has aged, his performance has declined markedly in recent years. Even playing in Lique 1 in the color of the team that dominated the tournament was PSG.

The deal of Chris Smalling joining Roma seemed easy, but the MU’s slow and slowness made it last until the last transfer day. This is a catastrophic failure. A rich and famous football team like Man United that cannot buy or sell is truly unbelievable. Who should be held accountable for this incompetence?

That year, David Moyes was appointed to the chair of Manchester United head coach. Right before taking office, Moyes confirmed that Man United will buy the pair of Gareth Bale and Cesc Fabregas. With the attraction of Man United at that time, the purchase of Bale and Fabregas was within reach.

However, instead of the two stars mentioned above, Ed Woodward brought in Marouane Fellaini. Although the Belgian midfielder is an old game at Everton, Moyes insists he does not want to buy Marouane Fellaini. The player Moyes wants to bring to Old Trafford is defender Leighton Baines.