Dybala tacitly contradicted at Juventus

Paulo Dybala gradually has a conflict with coach Andrea Pirlo as he has been repeatedly dropped from the squad in recent matches. Even then, Dybala disliked this state, but everything was quickly revealed. Tuttosport confirmed that Dybala spoke directly to Managing Director Fabio Paratici for not being allowed to play.

Dybala has risen from difficulties to affirm his talent and class. Then this season, La Joya started the fight again under a new coach. For this time, Pirlo was reminded and all the efforts made in the last season of the players were rushed. A new spin is formed and people in positions like Dybala have to work again from the start.

The Argentine star is not satisfied with being detained on the bench, and he thinks director Juve must know it. No matter what Pirlo says, Dybala has yet to play for Juve this season. Before that, in the 2-2 draw with AS Roma in the second round, Dybala was also brought to Rome. But sat on the bench for 90 minutes. That time, Pirlo did not answer any questions about the number 10 Argentines.

The Italian and European newspapers are now speculating that there is a conflict between Pirlo and Dybala. The Argentine striker is believed to be unhappy with Pirlo’s push on the bench for so long. Along with that is the constant giving of opportunities to new actors in the public goods such as Dejan Kulusevski or Alvaro Morata.

This is definitely not a simple fight. Kulusevski is young and soon scored when shining in Juve’s 3-0 victory over Sampdoria. Morata is tall, used to be Pirlo’s own teammate at Juventus 6 years ago. And he also quickly made a mark when scoring in the Crotone draw.

Only Dybala was still unable to do anything against Pirlo. So the Argentine star is so upset when he is not shown. Dybala’s abilities are unquestionable. But if there is no chance, La Joya will not be able to return and compete fairly with talented teammates.