Why Pep Guardiola needs to reorganize Man City

LV Pep Guardiola still has to calculate the reorganization of the team if they want to continue competing for the title. Man City lost 1-2 on Stamford Bridge of Chelsea. This defeat of the Green Man helped Liverpool win the Premier League title.

Just a season earlier, Man City vs Liverpool also created a dramatic race. It was extended to the final round. Coach Guardiola are the winners with a slight edge. As of round 31 this season, the gap between Man City and Liverpool is 23 points. That proves Man City has a certain decline.

Man City đề bạt đội trưởng mới trong mùa giải 2020/2021 | VTV.VN

Man City have conceded 33 goals, although the 2019/20 season has not ended. While this figure in the previous two seasons is only 23 and 27 goals.

After the 2018/19 season, Man City parted with veteran center-back Vincent Kompany but did not have any additional. Coach Guardiola still believes in Aymeric Laporte, Nicolas Otamendi and John Stones. However, with the exception of Laporte, the other two are not really sure.

When Laporte took a long-term break due to a knee injury, the Spaniard was forced to drag Fernandinho to the center-back. Since then, Man City has repeatedly paid for the sluggish Brazilian midfielder who has turned 35.

Man City lost to Wolves in both matches. In particular, defensive players like Fernandinho, Otamendi and partly Rodri let the opponent easily pass.

Man City thắng “4 sao”, Liverpool phải đá lại với đội hạng ba

Not only that, letting Fernandinho play as a center-back made City lose an important link in the middle. He was the one who broke the opponent’s counter attacks from the middle of the pitch with tactical errors. Many Premier League coaches, including Ole Gunnar Solskjaer of Man City, have spoken out about this.

Christian Pulisic has a phase of taking the ball and then passing the speed ball from the middle of the field and then defeating goalkeeper Ederson. The American attacker scored quite comfortably despite having 3 Man City silhouettes chasing him. At that time, the player standing in the middle of the field was not Fernandinho but Gundogan.