3 events that changed the history of football over the past 10 years

  1. Lampard’s goal in the England-Germany match (2010)

The Central match of the 1/8 final of the world Cup 2010 for many was the confrontation between England and Germany. And the teams did not fail at first: the Germans quickly took the lead, but the English showed a real fighting spirit: first Upson reduced the gap in the score to one goal, and then there was this most uncounted goal by Lampard.

The England midfielder hit a clever shot and the ball hit the crossbar and went down behind the goal line. This was seen by everyone except the Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda and his assistants, who did not count the cleanest goal.

In the second half, the Germans pressed the demoralized English and won with a score of 4: 1.

After this ball, there were serious changes in the refereeing. Initially, two additional referees were introduced behind the goal, and at the recent club world Cup, an automatic goal-taking system was tested, which should record just such cases.

2. The Terry and Suarez scandals (2011)

Racism in football is an old and painful problem, but at the end of 2011, the football community was stirred up by two high-profile scandals. In their center were John Terry, who insulted Anton Ferdinand, and Luis Suarez, who was rude to Patrice evra.

At first it seemed that the Uruguayan was more seriously injured: he was soldered as many as eight matches of disqualification, and Internet jokers immediately made him the main hero of memes of clear subjects.

But in the long run, it turned out that things were much worse for Terry. A pair of Central defenders of the English national team, Terry-Rio Ferdinand, broke up (Anton Ferdinand is the brother of a Manchester United footballer), Terry himself was at the center of a trial, and then refused to play for the national team at all.

Since then, the issue of racism has become even more closely watched throughout the football world. And sometimes this surveillance becomes truly paranoid.

3.┬áRoman Abramovich’s Acquisition Of Chelsea (2003)

Without noise and dust, just putting the public in front of the fact, Roman Abramovich acquired London “Chelsea” – a team that before him was consistently among the leaders, but seriously did not fight for the championship. The Russian oligarch immediately began active financial infusions into the club, each transfer window of Chelsea was replenished by one of the stars, the army of fans around the world grew rapidly, and the “Aristocrats” relatively quickly gained a foothold in the elite of world football. The last peak-the victory in the Champions League-was conquered only 9 years later.

Abramovich’s purchase of Chelsea showed oligarchs around the world that there would be money, and the club would break into the elite. And then there will be sheikhs with their PSG and Manchester city, Kerimov with his Anzhi. There will probably be something else.