The Premier League missed the chance to raise the bar in the Messi case

Thierry Henry or Cristiano Ronaldo in the past used to be such players. The two’s explosive performances at their peak on weekends are a privilege for any of the fans in the stands.

When Man City ambitions to own Lionel Messi, the owner of 6 European Golden Balls with an offer of nearly $ 1 billion. The Premier League kicked off.

When Fourfourtwo magazine published a list of the 101 best footballers in the world for the past 25 years, there were six players in the top 20 who had played in the Premier League. If you pull down the top 10, the number is only 2. It’s Henry and Ronaldo.

For a long time, the Premier League tried to pull the monuments of world football back to the land of fog but failed. The best footballers in world football before the Messi – Ronaldo era were offered to the Premier League but failed.

MU was close to owning Ronaldinho from PSG in 2003, but the deal was overturned at the last minute. The Brazilian star chose Barca, a warmer destination in the climate and more latin in terms of gameplay.

Even more sad for Man City when only half a year later, Kaka went to Real for 65 million euros. It is much less than the 100 million Man City is willing to pay earlier.

The only top 1 star in the Premier League to own from Serie A and La Liga is a failed contract. Andriy Shevchenko moved from Milan to Chelsea in the summer of 2006 for £ 30 million. The Daily Mail analyzed the £ 30m figure that Chelsea paid for Milan would cost up to £ 144 million in 2018.

Professionally, the Premier League has enough fame and competition for Messi not to feel himself going down after leaving Barca. The number one media apparatus in the world of this tournament will bring out the heady advertising campaigns when Messi is present, perhaps it is not necessary to say. The whole world will be swept up in the Premier League’s spiral, every Man City match will now attract the eyes of even Messi fans.