How do Messi and Ronaldo get a pay cut impact on football

In the crisis stemming from the Covid-19 epidemic, a series of tournaments had to be postponed, resulting in a decline in the income of clubs. One of the ways to survive this difficult time is to cut operating costs. Including the salary of the players, which is much higher than the social level.

Juventus announced the first team of this club agreed to reduce part of the salary to join hands to overcome the crisis. According to calculations, Ronaldo and his teammates received lower compensation in May to save them up to 90 million euros. The Portuguese star agreed to reduce the amount of money he received from Turin by 3.8 million euros.

Ronaldo, Messi và câu chuyện 'người thừa kế' - Báo Quảng Ninh điện tử

Messi’s Barcelona also announced similar measures. The players of the Catalunya football team simultaneously announced information about 70 percent salary reduction on social networks. Atletico Madrid is taking a similar step and players at Bayern Munich. Borussia Dortmund will also have an income of 20 percent lower than before.

A series of aforementioned moves led RT writer Liam Tyler to question whether the salary bubble in football circles broke after this event. Barcelona is the team with the largest salary fund in the world. The average salary of a player here is 12.28 million USD for year.

Real Madrid and Juventus are also among the top-paid sports teams in the world, according to the 2019 global sports salary survey. We were seeing Barca and other teams doing everything to cut back on spending, even in the case of a short-term crisis.

Messi và Ronaldo chấp nhận giảm lương để giúp đội bóng

Certainly the Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the world economy, putting businesses in difficult positions quickly. It is not like what we have seen before. A force majeure event is extremely difficult to minimize. But, with so much salaries, many clubs are showing that they are so vulnerable.

According to Tyler, the problem isn’t entirely about how the players receive the money. And they don’t deserve complaints about that huge income.