Football tournaments are advised to stop until 2021

Virus research expert Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit thinks that football leagues can only be played again in 2021.

“I am sure football will play again next year. It is unrealistic to think that this season may end this year,” said Schmidt-Chanasit, virologist at the Berhard-Nocht Research Institute, Hamburg, Germany speaks in Kicker.

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Due to the influence of Covid-19, German professional football competitions were postponed. However, the situation has not shown any positive signs yet. In the past 24 hours, the number of infections in Germany increased by 30 percent to 19,848. The number of deaths also increased at the same rate to 59.

“I don’t think they can put football back. Closing matches with the audience is not possible, because they get people to watch the match. via television, “Schmidt-Chanasit added.

The Bundesliga has nine rounds left, equivalent to a quarter of the journey. The tournament still had no definite end when the team leading Bayern Munich was just over four, to six points behind the pursuing group.

In order for the European national championships to have more time to finish the tournament, UEFA has reversed the Euro to 2021.

Besides the Bundesliga, six German teams are also fighting in the Champions League and Europa League. UEFA is considering the possibility of knockout rounds from two rounds down to one round, playing on neutral ground.

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If so, then they want postpone indefinitely. For example, the uefa champions league and uefa europa league are canceled and there are no champions. National championships are also indefinitely postponed and have a way of determining their own champions.

Considering in the top 5 league leagues in Europe, the remaining 4 leading leagues are all familiar names: Bayern, Juve, Barca or PSG whether or not the championship this season is not a disaster for them. The Kop is different. Their efforts are double and 100 times more desirable to lead very far in a highly competitive tournament like NHA.