How heavy the world football is

The European Football Confederation estimates the cost of canceling Euro 2020 up to 400 million euros. And much of the damage of the world football village when most of the tournament is suspended because of COVID-19.

Two of the most important events of the four-year football village, once a year, are ready for this summer but eventually move to 2021. The European Championship is postponed until 2021, after a meeting of the UEFA Council.

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It is second only to the World Cup in terms of the importance and value of international football. A few hours later, the organizing committee of the Copa America, the South American Championship, is expected to take place simultaneously with the Euro. They stated that they also moved their event in Argentina and Colombia two years later.

Euro 2020 is scheduled to be held in 12 cities in 12 different European countries, forcing to cancel. This is an event that UEFA is expected to generate more than $ 2.5 billion in revenue. After the organizers have sold about 30 million tickets to the field.

Euro is expected to take place in multiple venues, from Azerbaijan to Ireland with the semi-final and final at Wembley Stadium in London. UEFA has estimated about 400 employees to host the event across countries and estimates the cost of damages is around 400 million euros.

An estimated 60,000 people in Germany are employed directly through this sport. The consequences of COVID-19 are not fully accounted for in money. A number of players and clubs are performing at the highest isolation.

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Over the past few weeks, world football has been in turmoil. Despite sporadic effort, it seems like nothing has changed or tried to play behind closed doors until there is no other option. The Premier League in England, the richest domestic tournament of king sports, is one of the last tournaments to be halted.

The hesitation of some football organizations has led to the frustration and anger of many people. Damiano Tommasi is a former Roma player who now heads the association of players in Italy. He also angrily accuses footballers of banning spectators from entering the field that should have been canceled.