The Brazilian empire in Barca is in decline

In the old days, mentioning Barcelona was about Brazilians. Now samba dances have faded at the Camp Nou, after failed deals and backstage incidents.

Arthur Melo is the only samba player on the Barca registration list. He was only allowed to come on from the sidelines.

When Barca won Mallorca 4-0 on the day back to La Liga after the epidemic. Their starting line-up did not represent any Brazilian players.

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The Brazilians are gradually disappearing at the Camp Nou. Because of the transfer of mistakes and the transfer of power behind the scenes.

For years, Barca has always considered Brazil a fertile ground. Samba players do not just have a “profile” in line with the philosophy of Barca. He also helped this team to do business in a football-crazy market of more than 200 million people.

The voices of the Brazilians at the Camp Nou used to be formidable. Romario fancied Barca a few years before Rivaldo was brought in by Josep Maria Minguella in 1997.

When Joan Laporta took over as president, he brought Beletti, Silvinho, Daniel Alves and the most famous of course was Ronaldinho Gaucho.

Because, the success on the pitch of the team of Catalonia has the contribution of the Brazilian people. And in each new election, Minguella and Cury have a certain voice.

Now that is no more. Next month, Barca will see the passing of Andre Cury, one of Brazil’s best scouts and representatives.

Andre Cury has worked for Barca for the past 12 years, as a scout and network player in Brazil. Cury’s signings such as Neymar, Coutinho, Paulinho, Arthur, Keirrison or Henrique all have Cury’s mark.

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Cury played a significant role in building the Brazilian empire in Barca in Laporta’s deals.

More than 3 months later, Cury will lose his job at the club of Catalonia. Globo analyzed Cury’s departure as just the beginning of a shift of power at Barca.

In the past decade, 13 Brazilian players have arrived at the Camp Nou. Of these, only Neymar, Paulinho and currently Arthur are considered successful.