What did Scolari say about his ability to lead the UAE

The Brazilian strategist is considering the possibility of returning to Asia when he receives many offers from the UAE and China. But he just wanted to coach the club, not the national team.

The UAE press reported after the former Brazilian coach announced he wanted to return to military leadership. Luiz Felipe Scolari has just broadcast this optimistic signal when referring to many invitations and the possibility of going to the UAE or China.

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On the Globo TV channel, the strategist born in 1948 admitted: “I have quite a lot of offers from clubs in the Middle East. I have not decided yet, but there are about 15 to 30 more days for me to consider whether this.”

Scolari’s Jorge Machado told Fox Sports: “People talk about teams, but this doesn’t work. His intention to return is to hold a club, not a national team. this “.

“As soon as countries reopen the gate, we will contact the partners. There is a relationship in China and the opportunity in the UAE. We have a strong relationship in Asia,” The National quoted the people as saying face.

Previous reports have suggested that the UAE Football Federation wants to recruit Mr. Scolari after sacking head coach Ivan Jovanovic. So the UAE press immediately mentioned this but Scolari’s representative denied it.

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In November 2019, Mr. Scolari expressed his nostalgia for Chinese football and wanted to return to work in the future. Gulf Today appreciated the Brazilian coach’s record of the opportunity to lead the United Arab Emirates.

However, it is impossible to foresee anything in football. National page said that despite making rejections, Jorge still appreciated the position of the UAE coach is vacant because it is very attractive.

If accepted to lead the UAE, Mr. Scolari has a confrontation with coach Park Hang-seo in the 2022 World Cup qualifier takes place around October or November 2020. Therefore, the 71-year-old coach’s decision will be very much expected in the near future.