Ronaldo is no longer given priority in Serie A

The list of the best players of the season voted by Serie A surprises all who are interested. Cristiano Ronaldo, who has scored 31 goals for Juve, has not appeared in any of the categories.

Two years have passed since Ronaldo arrived in Serie A to make a huge impact in Italy’s highest tournament. CR7 must now accept a different position.

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CR7 could not surpass Ciro Immobile’s “top scorer” in the best striker position. And was won by teammate Paulo Dybala in the award “Best Player of the Tournament”.

Last season, Ronaldo only had 21 goals after 31 games for Juve in Serie A. CR7 did not appear in the typical squad of the season according to Opta’s statistics. But somehow, he still received the title of “Best Player of the Season” from the BTC Serie A.

That favor is quite understandable when Ronaldo has made an unprecedented big push to Serie A in nearly two decades. From a tournament everyone can confirm the champion when the season has not yet begun. The rest of the world is starting to pay more attention to Serie A because of Ronaldo.

The number 7 shirts with black and white stripes sell as expensive as hot cakes. Every piece of news about the Portuguese superstar is devoured in the newspapers. Chievo fans insistently demanded that the club return their ticket money. Because Ronaldo was not included in the Juve squad at Marc Antonio Bentegodi.

In the blink of an eye, Serie A returns to be a worth-watching league, notable for CR7. The referees in Italy also have certain favors for Ronaldo. They are easier to blow to the player who cuts Ronaldo than others.

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No one wants the player to be full of the image and the charm of the whole tournament. Suddenly one day getting injured and having to take a few months off. It would be a disaster for both PR and marketing.

The story is no longer the same this season. Ronaldo scored 10 more than last season. In the second half of the season, Ronaldo opened fire continuously. He once scored in 17 out of 18 games. CR7 also has a series of 11 consecutive scoring matches, leveling Gabriel Batistuta’s record.