The reason to believe McTominay has not failed like Lingard at MU

Midfielder Scott McTominay has one of the best Premier League matches in the 2020/21 season when he contributes 2 goals and 1 assists to MU. Marcelo Bielsa is not a dream man in the coaching industry. But the philosophy that this military leader built for Leeds has collapsed because of the very simple football shown by McTominay.

The 24-year-old continuously launched two punches, stunned the opponent in the first 5 minutes of the match. It was a long shot that tore the opponent from outside the box very well. The other goal is combined by excellent running, delicate touch and cold finish.

On Sports Mail, former MU player Gary Neville compared McTominay with Roy Keane and Paul Scholes. That may be an exaggeration because McTominay’s level is still two far behind his seniors.

McTominay still has a long way to go to develop and perfect every skill. Wanting to assert a foothold at MU, the Scottish player must maintain stability and overcome all temptations.

MU history has seen many players emerge early, but drowned after that. The case of Jesse Lingard is an example. However, there is reason to believe that McTominay did not go into the fail way like his colleague.

Former Man Utd captain appreciated McTominay for a simple lifestyle, but made a great contribution every time he played for Man Utd. In the win over Leeds, McTominay excelled in the role of a central midfielder.

The jubilant win at home helped Man Utd climb to 3rd place on the rankings. The Old Trafford team has 26 points, but is above Everton thanks to the difference.

Coach Solskjaer’s teachers and students are 5 points behind the top team Liverpool, and still have 1 match in their hands. According to Opta, McTominay entered Premier League history as the first player to score a double goal in just 3 minutes of the match.